The benefits of Artificial Turf over Real Grass

March 1, 2021

The benefits of Artificial Turf over Real Grass

With advances in technology, today’s artificial turf looks almost identical to real grass, so much so that you can’t easily tell the difference. 

Artificial turfs have an even lush-green look, making them more attractive and inviting. The turfs, though synthetic, have a soft but firm touch and feel similar to grass. 

Artificial Turfs are being used for different purposes, from home lawns, patios, decks, pools, landscaping, playgrounds, and fields to commercial purposes. While there has been a debate about the use of synthetic materials replacing natural grass, it has become apparent that many people prefer artificial turfs since they come with many benefits that you just can’t get from natural grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

To appreciate the value of artificial turf, we need to understand some key advantages that they have over natural grass. These include the following:

  1. Cheaper and Easier to Maintain.

The installation of synthetic grass maybe a bit expensive because of the cost of acquisition and land preparation, but once you have installed your grass, maintaining them is just a breeze. 

While with real grass you have to ensure that they have enough water throughout the year for them to grow and maintain their green look, artificial grass does not need water or sunshine to shine. You will only need to rinse them once in a while to remove dirt, dust, and odor that may come about because of your pet’s poops.

Another maintenance service you will require is grooming and raking your grass once in a while to remove leaves and large debris that may land on the lawn from nearby trees. And literally, that’s it!

Thus, with artificial grass replacing your natural lawn, you will be cutting down drastically on numerous including:

  • Water usage costs.
  • Mowing equipment, supplies, and manpower used for mowing, trimming, weeding, disposing of clippings, and reseeding your lawn.
  • Pesticides and fertilizers for maintaining your grass.
  • Buying sods for replacing worn-out parts.

All costs considered; artificial grass turns out to be a more cost-effective approach as the grass pays for itself over time. If you have a considerably large lawn, there are loans for homeowners that you can take to cover installation costs. 

Since lawns and yards made of artificial grass require little to no maintenance, you can take that vacation without worrying that you may come back and find your lawn in a total mess.

Artificial turf doesn't require you to mow
  1. Environmental-friendly

Artificial grass is made from 3 harmless materials:

  • Polyethylene: known to be long-lasting and gentle on the skin and is responsible for making the blades of the grass.
  • Polypropylene: This is more resilient than polyethylene. It’s used to add the thatch layer to the grass that cushions the turf.
  • Nylon: This has been used in fabrics for many years. It has high burn tolerance, thus preventing possible overheating of the turf during hot seasons.

Different combinations of these materials have been used in the development of artificial grass over a period of 50 years now. The current generation of artificial grass is now similar to natural grass in both look and feel. So, if you are worried about kids injuring themselves while playing, you shouldn’t be.

While plastics themselves are non-biodegradable, artificial turfs are highly durable and can last for 10-25 years before being replaced. And even then, they can be taken to the industries for recycling. 

  1. Safe for Pets and Kids

The main advantage of artificial turfs over natural grass is the way they are maintained: occasional rinsing to remove dirt and raking to remove leaves and other debris. This means that there are no other additives that are used that may be toxic for kids and pets. 

Real grass on the other end requires the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals to sustain its healthy growth and nutrients. If not properly checked, your lawn could be a dangerous zone for your kids and pets. This is something you don’t necessarily have to worry about with a synthetic turf lawn.

  1. No Grass Stains or Mud Stains

There is nothing annoying as having your kids and pets dragging the mud from the lawn all the way to the sitting room and spreading them all over the curtains and couches. This is the problem that you have with a natural grass lawn. Artificial grass takes care of this since the backings of the turfs do not allow for dirt penetration. No muddy yards or fields!

artificial grass doesn't get muddy
  1. They are not Affected by Shades.

If you live in an area where there are so many buildings or trees around, then maintaining a green lawn is quite a challenge because grass does not grow well under shade. You, therefore, end up with a lawn that is bright in the middle but fades off towards the edges of the lawn. No one wants that. 

Since artificial grass does not rely on sunlight, you won’t have this problem. Your grass remains lush green throughout, whether under shades or not. This means that you can use synthetic turf for indoor decorations, for instance in the balconies.

  1. Drought-Resistant

The health of natural grass is heavily affected by seasons. While you may have a shiny green lawn or yard during rainy seasons, that awesome look can easily turn into a mottled raspy look during dry seasons. This means that you’ll be using lots of water during dry seasons to ensure that your grass doesn’t die off.

artificial grass doesn't die
  1. Aesthetic Value 

You can’t talk about the benefits of artificial turf without addressing its aesthetic look and feel. There’s something inviting about an all-green lawn or yard that usually catches the attention of your visitors. The ability to customize your lawn is something that you can’t easily achieve with natural grass.

Synthetic turf comes in different specifications such as colors, textures, and blade heights. 

  1. Handle High Levels of Foot Traffic.

A lot of activities happen in your yard. From kids playing simple games to hosting a full barbecue, your lawn should be able to handle large traffic without being damaged and requiring huge maintenance undertaking every time. Natural grass is not particularly resistant to tear. Hosting just one barbecue can make your lawn look like it hasn’t been serviced for years.

Artificial turf on the other hand can handle huge traffic since the blades usually straighten themselves up without even the need for brushing or grooming. If people pass through your yard on their way off, you don’t have to worry about having a bare spot or rut that you have to fix every time. Your synthetic grass resists constant pressure and is not easily worn-out.

Ready to Explore your Artificial Turf Options for Your Project?

We offer different varieties that suit your different needs:

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  • Playground turf
  • Multipurpose turf
  • Sports turf

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